Our class was awesome! The instructor was David Ybarra, He made it so easy to follow and understand information, key points & tips. Compared to our previous classes, it was very informative and to the point. I enjoyed it very much and feel confident I can make a difference in case of an emergency. Thanks and thumbs up to David Ybarra, keep up the great work!
Katy D. - Dublin, CA
The best place to get your ACLS and BLS, this was my second time with Heart Start and I'll tell you, there's no stress at all. The instructors are great and very knowledgeable. Sigmund is the best, got a a good sense of humor and love to share his experienced. Highly recommended
Tess K. - Oakland, CA
The center provided conducive learning environment for us students. Our instructor Sig also encouraged interactive discussion of relevant concepts, clinical experiences and changes to the algorithm. I had to reschedule my class twice due to unavoidable circumstances and their front desk team represented by Lisa was very responsive and helpful in rescheduling my class. The center also follows strict COVID 19 safety protocols and cleaning/sanitizing the equipments we used during training. Thank you so much!
Nessa M. - Dublin, CA
Facility and equipment are first rate, room for about 10 students. Instructor was very knowledgeable and experienced and a patient and competent instructor. The class was primarily focused for healthcare providers, but was better than any CPR class I've ever taken before from WFA providers or Red Cross.
Bruce B. - Oakland, CA
Informative and fun class. I learned a lot and came away with confidence in CPR/First Aid. It's been a few years since I was certified and I appreciated that our instructor pointed out the updated information.
Lilian J. - Dublin, CA
Instruct David Ybarra was just fantastic. He made the class enjoyable and memorable. I appreciated the real life scenarios he practiced with us for each key point of CPR as a health care provider. This is why I returned to Heart Start CPR. They provide a knowledgeable, welcoming, and encouraging specialist to lead each CPR session.
Emily L. - Oakland, CA
WONDERFUL class ! As a preschool teacher this course was direct, hands on and timely. Our instructor David was clear and made sure we understood before moving on to more material. would highly recommend
Blaire K. - Dublin, CA
I have been coming here for years to renew by certifications. Every class I have taken here has always been amazing, the instructors are always up to date on any protocol change, and make the classes entertaining and informative. Highly recommend (plus they are one of the best priced training centers)
Brian H. - Oakland, CA
I really appreciated the instructor and how he taught the whole class (no videos!) and provided scenarios which was such a better learning environment for me.. All of the previous classes I attended we were sat in front of videos and told to demonstrate after each one which they were never really paying attention. I will continue to do my recert classes through heartstart from now on. Thanks to David Ybarra you did a great job!!
Tina P. - Dublin, CA
My husband and I attended this class as we have two young children. It was well worth the price and very informative. Although it’s a 2 1/2 to 3 hr course, it never seemed too long or dragged out. Time actually went fast because we were so engaged and into the learning experience. I highly recommend Head Start CPR for anyone looking to get certified. The instructor was very knowledgeable and welcomed questions throughout the session. A great experience!
Charrisse C. - Oakland, CA