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Recommended for: MDs, RNs, Paramedics, EMTs, and Medical Personnel with Busy Schedules

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Heart Start CPR Online Course Policy:

  • NO REFUNDS on Online Courses
  • Exchanges from an online course to a physical in-class course is only allowed if the keycode has not been sent to the student
  • For Technical Support, contact AHA @ (888) 242-8883 or

CME/CE credit is provided by the American Heart Association for Physicians, P.A.s, Nurses, Pharmacists, and EMTs.

Please Note: This course has been tested on Windows XP and Mac OSX, with Internet Explorer 7+ or Firefox 2+. HeartCode programs are not supported by Apple Safari. Students are allowed up to 60 days after the completion of the online part of the course to complete the skills session.

Discount codes are not valid on online courses.

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PALS Skills Check Only $160


Skills Check Session

Skills check by Licensed Professionals

Recommended for: MDs, RNs, Paramedics, EMTs, and Medical Personnel with Busy Schedules



Our Online PALS Course Modules

High-Quality Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

  • This module focuses on the critical skills required to perform effective CPR. Participants will learn the correct techniques for chest compressions, ventilation, and automated external defibrillators (AEDs) to maximize the chances of reviving a patient in cardiac arrest.

Differentiate Emergencies

  • They will learn to recognize the signs and symptoms of various emergency conditions, enabling them to make prompt and accurate assessments and apply PALS algorithms effectively.

Respiratory Distress/Failure

  • This module of the online PALS course covers the assessment and management of patients experiencing respiratory distress or failure. Participants will learn to recognize these conditions early and employ appropriate interventions to ensure adequate oxygenation and ventilation.

Shock Recognition and Management

  • Healthcare providers will also learn to identify different types of shock, such as hypovolemic, cardiogenic, and septic shock. They will also learn the best practices for managing shock to stabilize the patient's condition and prevent further deterioration.

Early Interventions

  • This module emphasizes the importance of early intervention in pediatric emergencies. Participants will learn to recognize critical conditions and promptly initiate appropriate medical measures to improve patient outcomes.

Bradycardia and Tachycardia Rhythm

  • In pediatric patients, participants will explore the various heart rhythms, including bradycardia and tachycardia. They will learn to interpret electrocardiograms (ECGs) and implement interventions to address abnormal heart rhythms.

Cardiac Arrest and Post-Cardiac Arrest Management

  • This module delves into the management of pediatric cardiac arrest situations. Healthcare providers will study advanced life support techniques and post-resuscitation care to optimize patient recovery after cardiac arrest.

Resuscitation Tools

  • Participants will become familiar with the equipment and tools used in Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) in this section. They will learn to use these tools effectively to enhance their resuscitation efforts.

PALS Certification/Recertification Exams

  • The course culminates in the certification or recertification exams for PALS. Participants will be able to demonstrate their knowledge and skills acquired throughout the course, ensuring they meet the requirements for PALS certification or recertification.

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Skills Check

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AHA PALS Online Classes and Certification

The HeartCode PALS Online Class is an all-encompassing, self-paced eLearning platform that empowers learners to gain PALS skills through a tailored learning journey. Specifically created for healthcare professionals, this PALS online course is crucial for those needing Pediatric Advanced Life Support training for their day-to-day clinical responsibilities. Being an initiative of the American Heart Association (AHA), HeartCode PALS symbolizes AHA's commitment to offering resuscitation education in a blended learning manner. With this online PALS certification, students are given the flexibility and convenience to complete their PALS class online at a rhythm that suits them, ensuring they are well-prepared and confident in their PALS certification online.

AHA Online PALS Certification Course is Designed For:

The American Heart Association (AHA) PALS online Course is designed and recommended for healthcare professionals with busy schedules, including MDs, RNs, EMTs, Paramedics, and Medical Personnel. All healthcare professionals who manage cardiovascular/respiratory emergencies and cardiopulmonary arrest in pediatric patients should enroll in this PALS online training course. The students will receive a PALS course completion card upon completing the PALS class online. We provide same-day certification to the students. The PALS certification online is valid for 2 years.

Ready To Take Online PALS Certification Class?

Heart Start CPR offers options for how you can purchase PALS. You can take a full classroom PALS course, take a blended learning course (HeartCode PALS + a hands-on skills session training), or purchase additional course materials. Choose from the options below. We have other classroom courses and online courses as well.

Why Online PALS Training Course?


Nationwide Recognition

We are AHA authorized training center. Our PALS certification is accepted nationwide.

24/7 Online Access

We know your schedule is tight, and you are so busy that you barely get a chance to review the course during work time. We provide worry-less 24/7 access to the study materials so you can study and review independently.

Self-paced Online Training Modules

Everyone learns at their own natural pace. We provide online access to our study materials. Play, pause, resume, and replay as much as you need until you make it perfect.

No Textbook Required

The PALS Online Class utilizes simulation technology and scenario-based learning that is self-directed on your computer at home. The course covers all of the same material as the traditional classroom-based PALS class. This program also includes the complete PALS textbook online, so purchasing the book separately is unnecessary

Quick and Easy Skill Tests

Our facility offers quick and convenient skill practice and testing services to help healthcare providers enhance their abilities and assess their proficiency efficiently.

Same Day Certification

On completion of Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) course we also provide same day certification card.

PALS Recertification Course

PALS certification card is valid for 2 years from the date of issue. However, healthcare providers or anyone certified for PALS can renew their PALS card by getting involved in a recertification course. The renewal course is online and easy to enroll in.
Heart Start CPR provides an online course to renew PALS certification. Do not wait until the last minute to renew! Start your PALS recertification today with Heart Start CPR. Our accredited online PALS course is self-paced and convenient so that you can get certified on time.
At Heart Start CPR, we take pride in empowering healthcare professionals to do just that.

Voices of satisfaction

They were fun, engaging, and led a really great session Jeff, Lori and Shaniqua all brought in great life experiences and did really with connecting with the class. THE BEST CPR lessons ever that really keeps everyone having fun. Time went by so quickly because we were all having such a great time learning how to save lives. Kudos to the entire team!

Stephaney Wilson

August 2023

David was awesome! Got my certificate the very next day, now I can apply to nursing school! This is vital training at a wonderful cost. I'm definitely recommending my cohort to this place. Thank you guys and I'll be back for my next recert. Great class! I feel confident going forward!

Sam I. Am

August 2023

These gentlemen came to teach us CPR class yesterday at my job site. I've taken CPR before, but the information didn't resonate like it did yesterday. Jeff was a great teacher, and his assistants were awesome as well! They taught in a way that helped me learn and retain the information. Thanks guys I really appreciate and enjoyed this class!

Got BLS and ACLS done here. Instructors are great. They give you a lot of hands-on practice and have real medications available to get familiar with what you will see in a real-life situation. The class is very chill but thorough. I will definitely be getting all of my renewals done here.

Kerry R

June 2023

Interested in Onsite PALS Training?

Contact us or click the link below if you’re interested for onsite training. Heart Start CPR offers on site training for corporations, small businesses, schools and healthcare facilities. On-Site courses are offered using the American Heart Association or American Safety and Health Institution curriculum.



Why Should I Become PALS Certified?

PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support) certification equips healthcare professionals with the skills and knowledge to respond to life-threatening situations involving infants and children. It is essential for those who work in emergency response, intensive care, and critical care units.

Is an Online PALS Course Valid and Accredited?

Yes, Heart Start CPR offers an accredited HeartCode AHA PALS online class. Upon completing the course and skills session, participants receive the same-day certification.

What Are the Prerequisites for Taking the PALS Course?

Before enrolling in a PALS course, it's essential to ensure you meet the eligibility criteria. Typically, healthcare professionals needing to respond to cardiovascular emergencies in children and infants should consider taking the course.

Why Should I Get My PALS Certification Online Through Heart Start CPR?

Heart Start CPR provides a comprehensive HeartCode AHA PALS online class and a PALS Skills Session. We offer same-day certification, making it convenient for professionals to get certified quickly.

When Will I Get My PALS Provider Card?

Upon successful completion of the PALS course and skills session at Heart Start CPR, participants receive their PALS Provider Card the same day.

How Long Does the AHA PALS Online Course Take?

The PALS course typically takes between 12-16 hours to complete. Depending on the provider, the course may be offered as a two-day in-person or online course. The length of the course may also vary depending on the participants' experience level and the healthcare facility's specific training needs.

What Is the Passing Score for AHA PALS?

The passing score for the AHA PALS exam can vary. At Heart Start CPR, the passing score for the AHA PALS exam is 80%, and the exam typically consists of 50 questions.

How Long Does It Take to Get PALS Certified?

The duration to get PALS certified depends on the course structure and the training center. With Heart Start CPR, participants can receive same-day certification upon successful completion.

What Are the Course Completion Requirements for the PALS Course?

To complete the PALS course successfully, participants typically need to attend the course, pass the exam, and successfully demonstrate the required skills in a skills session.

What Happens If You Fail PALS Test?

If you fail the PALS test, you will be allowed to retake the exam or might need to undergo additional training. The specific procedures can vary based on the training center's policies.


**Is your PALS certificate about to expire?**

Don't wait until the last minute to renew! Start your PALS recertification today with Heart Start CPR. Our accredited online PALS course is self-paced and convenient so that you can get certified on time. Plus, your online PALS certification is valid for 2 years.