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Heart Start CPR offers the Lay Rescuer First Aid CPR AED training in San Francisco Bay Area and Oakland, San Jose, San Ramon, etc. All of our CPR and First Aid classes in San Francisco are taught by trained experts who can help you grasp the required confidence and knowledge applicable at a time of crisis and get you ready to get the CPR and first aid certification.

Lay Rescuer CPR/AED & First-Aid

The CPR and First Aid Classes are for Teachers, Fitness Trainers, Corporate Workers, Restaurant Employees, Coaches, Parents, and anyone wanting to learn CPR and give First-Aid. CPR, AED, and First-Aid courses are intended for individuals responding to cardiac emergencies because of job responsibilities or regulatory requirements. You will be certified to carry out CPR operations in need with a CPR certification. Read More

  • CPR and First Aid Classes for anyone without a healthcare background
  • Healthcare Providers should take BLS
  • Classroom options and online with in-office skills testing options are available

The Lay Rescuer CPR AED course covers adult, child, and infant CPR and use of the AED (Automated External Defibrillator). Included in the course is relief of choking.

Basic First Aid provides first responders with training in basic first aid procedures—including the first aid skills recommended by OSHA. The course covers first aid basics, medical emergencies, injury emergencies, and environmental emergencies.

The Lay Rescuer First Aid CPR AED course combines all of the information provided in both the CPR AED and First Aid classes into one class.

This course is for non-healthcare professionals. Anyone who will be working in any healthcare related area, including nursing students, EMTs, or any hospital staff, please register for BLS for Healthcare Providers.

If you do not see a Lay Rescuer CPR/AED class at a time convenient for you, anyone may sign up for the BLS for Healthcare Providers Course. BLS covers all of the CPR/AED information with a couple of additional components. It does not cover First Aid.

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First Aid Training Class Module?

Our CPR/AED and First Aid Classes cover adult CPR, child CPR, and infant CPR and usage of the AED (Automated External Defibrillator). The American Heart Association CPR and First Aid Classes typically cover life-saving techniques and essential medical interventions. The Lay Rescuer First Aid CPR AED course combines all of the information provided in both the AED/CPR classes and First Aid training into one class. Below are some of the critical components observed in CPR and First Aid Training Certification courses in San Francisco:

CPR Technique

  • Trainees will learn to deliver high quality CPR on different demographic victims. Analysing and taking over the situation, airway clearance, proper ventilation, and leadership are other skills you will learn in our CPR and first aid training class.

Automated External Defibrillator(AED)

  • AED along with CPR is the best combination that can revive a victim. Students will be trained to use the Automated External Defibrillator. Learning functionality of the life-saving device is crucial for better result.

First Aid for Choking

  • Choking is another life-threatening situation if action is not taken quickly can lead to unacceptable fate. It is the primary care given to the person before the emergency medical team arrives. At first aid training class students will learn to assess first aid for choking, cardiac arrest, and other medical emergencies effectively.

Basics of First Aid

  • Trainees will learn to assess an injured victim which includes treatment of cuts, wounds, and scratches, treating burn,applying bandages, massage, etc. In basic trainees will learn the fundamentals of First Aid.

Injury assessments

  • Proper injury assessment is crucial in determining the appropriate first aid. Students learn how to assess the nature and severity of injuries, control bleeding, immobilize fractures, and provide basic wound careto avoid the further harm and promote recovery.

Legal and Ethical Considerations

  • Understanding the legal and ethical framework helps individuals provide aid confidently while respecting the rights and privacy of others. Trainees/students will gain knowledge about Good Samaritan laws, consent, confidentiality, and the ethical principles that guide first aid and CPR actions.

Medical Emergencies

  • Timely and effective medical response can significantly change the odds of living. In our first aid training classes participants will learn to recognize the signs and symptoms of medical conditions, administer CPR when necessary, and provide appropriate first aid until professional help or Emergency Medical Service (EMS) arrives.

Environmental Emergencies

  • Students will learn to recognize the signs of environmental emergencies, provide immediate care, and take preventive measures to minimize risks of victim and oneself.

Ready To Take CPR and First Aid Class?

Your decisive actions have the power to save lives. Join Heart Start CPR and begin your first-aid certification journey today!

CPR & First Aid




First Aid

Medical Emergencies

CPR and First Aid Classes in San Francisco

Our cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) Classes in San Jose, San Francisco are fun and low-stress.  Heart Start CPR holds approx 400 CPR classes per year training 6000 students annually. Extra time and attention are given to students who require extra motivation to achieve a 100% pass rate. Our CPR classes in San Francisco are taught in an intimate setting in small groups with a personalized focus on instruction. We make sure that you have all the time to ask questions and become comfortable with the materials before the CPR and first aid exams.

Elevate your impact and enhance your life-saving abilities by becoming certified in CPR and First Aid with Heart Start CPR. Don't hesitate to make a profound difference – enroll now and embark on your journey to becoming a certified CPR and First Aid provider.

Who Should Enroll in this First Aid Class?

Our CPR and first aid certification class is recommended for teachers, fitness trainers, corporate workers, restaurant employees, coaches, parents, and anyone who wants to learn how to do CPR and give First aid. CPR/AED and First-Aid Certification courses are intended for individuals who have a duty to respond to a cardiac emergency because of job responsibilities or regulatory requirements.


Contact us or click the link below if you’re interested in onsite training. Heart Start CPR offers on-site first aid, and AED CPR training for corporations, small businesses, schools, and healthcare facilities. On-Site courses are offered using the American Heart Association or American Safety and Health Institution curriculum.

Before you Enroll in CPR and First Aid Training Classes

Before enrolling in a CPR training program, confirm the requirements with your employer, licensing body, and employment.

Meanwhile, check out the CPR requirement in California:

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First Aid Training Classes FAQs

Are First aid and CPR the same thing?

CPR focuses mostly on helping people experiencing heart attack or someone who just drowned whereas First aid involves all kinds of emergency situations involving cuts, fracutres, choking etc.

How beneficial is a First Aid and CPR training?

Getting expert training for CPR and First aid is extremely beneficial because it will come in very handy in emergency situations and also save lives of people.

What is covered in a CPR and First Aid class?

CPR and First Aid classes cover topics such as recognizing and responding to emergencies, assessing the scene for safety, performing CPR on adults, children, and infants, using an automated external defibrillator (AED), handling choking emergencies, and basic first aid techniques.

Are there any prerequisites for taking a CPR and First Aid class?

There are no specific prerequisites for CPR and First Aid classes. They are designed to accommodate individuals with varying levels of knowledge and experience.

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Heart Start CPR was founded 18 years ago and has grown to train over 5,500 students annually in AHA-approved CPR, ACLS, BLS, and PALS courses. Our team of professional firefighters, paramedics, and EMT instructors delivers low-stress, engaging classes that set us apart. With excellent customer service and competitive pricing, we continue to grow by word of mouth without losing a single client.