American Heart Association Online ACLS Certification Course

HeartCode Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) online course is an International Liaison Committee (ILCOR) guidelines-based comprehensive, self-directed eLearning program that allows learners to acquire ACLS skills with a personalized learning path. Our AHA-approved online acls certification classes are designed for healthcare professionals needing ACLS training for their clinical duties and cannot attend physical classes due to busy schedules. The ACLS certification online class utilizes simulation technology and scenario-based learning and also covers all the same material as the traditional classroom-based ACLS class.  You will receive an AHA ACLS certification after the completion of the course. 

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Ready to take the AHA ACLS Online Course?

Heart Start CPR offers various options for taking AHA Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) Training. You can take a blended learning course (HeartCode ACLS Online + a hands-on skills session training), or purchase additional course materials. Choose from the options below. We have other classroom courses and online courses as well.

AHA HeartCode ACLS Online 

Online + Skills Session $280

American Heart Association Heartcode ACLS


Recommended for: MDs, RNs, Paramedics, EMTs, Dentists, and Medical Personnel with Busy Schedules

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Heart Start CPR Online Course Policy:

  • NO REFUNDS on Online Courses
  • Exchange from an online course to a physical in-class course is only allowed if the keycode has not been sent to the student
  • For Technical Support, contact American Heart Association AHA @ (888) 242-8883 or
  • If you would like to schedule a specific date and time for your class, you may do so 72 hours ahead of time. Just call our office to schedule your session time!

CME/CE credit is provided by the American Heart Association for Physicians, P.A.s, Nurses, Pharmacists, and EMTs.

Please Note: This course has been tested on Windows XP and Mac OSX, with Internet Explorer 7+ or Firefox 2+. HeartCode programs are not supported by Apple Safari. Students are allowed up to 60 days after the completion of the online part of the course to complete the skills session.

Discount codes are not valid on online courses.

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ACLS Online Skills Only Test

Skills Check Session $160

Online Session

Skills check by Licensed Professionals

Recommended for: MDs, RNs, EMTs, Dentists, and Medical Personnel looking for certificate renewal

Skills Check Checklist


Our Online ACLS Course Modules

Basic Life Support

  • In the Online ACLS certification course, learners cover the critical aspects of Basic Life Support (BLS). The curriculum includes topics such as 1 Rescuer and 2 Rescuer Adult BLS CPR, Adult Mouth-to-Mouth and Bag-Mask Ventilation, Adult BLS Algorithm, BLS for Children, CPR Steps for Children and Infants, and 1 Rescuer BLS/CPR for Infants. This comprehensive training equips individuals with the skills necessary to initiate the Chain of Survival in emergency situations.

Advanced Cardiac Life Support

  • Students will delve into the intricacies of advanced cardiac life support. This module includes understanding the normal anatomy and physiology of the heart, mastering ACLS rhythms and interpretation, navigating the ACLS Survey (A-B-C-D), honing airway management skills through basic and advanced adjuncts, exploring routes of access, and delving into pharmacological tools for comprehensive life-saving knowledge.

Principles of Early Defibrillation

  • Healthcare professionals will focus on the vital Principles of Early Defibrillation as a cornerstone of advanced cardiac life support. Emphasizing the Key to Using an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), this training underscores the critical role of timely defibrillation in saving lives during cardiac emergencies, enhancing the understanding and application of this essential life-saving skill.

Systems of Care

  • This part of the course covers critical elements of advanced cardiac life support, emphasizing Systems of Care, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), Post-Cardiac Arrest Care, Acute Coronary Syndrome management, addressing Acute Stroke situations, understanding the role of the Resuscitation Team, and exploring the importance of Education, Implementation, and effective teamwork in emergency scenarios.

ACLS Cases

  • The course module will provide in-depth coverage of advanced cardiac life support scenarios, including cases of Respiratory Arrest, Pulseless Ventricular Tachycardia, Ventricular Fibrillation, Pulseless Electrical Activity Asystole, and more. Participants explore the intricacies of Adult Cardiac Arrest and Immediate Post-Cardiac Arrest Care Algorithms, as well as protocols for Symptomatic Bradycardia, Tachycardia (both stable and unstable), and critical situations like Acute Coronary Syndrome and Acute Stroke, each outlined with dedicated algorithms for effective management.

ACLS Skills Training

  • Skills Test

ACLS Certification Exam

  • Certification/Recertification Exam




We hold approximately 400 classes annually training and certifying 5,500+ students. Our instructors are qualified and experienced firefighters and paramedics so that you can get first-hand field experience. The focus of Heart Start CPR is conducting classes for small groups with personalized focus of instruction.

Nationally Accredited

Heart Start CPR’s certification is accredited by the American Heart Association (AHA). We are also an official AHA training center. Our certificates are widely accepted and recognized by healthcare institutes.


Our online ACLS training is available 24/7. Students can learn anytime, anywhere and at their own convenience. We provide e-learning resources, you can play, pause and resume at your own pace.

AHA Guidelines

Our online ACLS certification course is up-to-date and is based on latest guidelines published by the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR).

Same Day Certification

Receive your ACLS certificate as soon as you pass the test. No delay - achieve and immediately be recognized.


Your ACLS certification is a testament to your commitment to life-saving skills, and it's crucial to keep it up-to-date. With a validity of 2 years, it's imperative to renew before it lapses. To assist you in the ACLS certification card renewal, we offer top-tier ACLS online classes for recertification, ensuring you're always ready for emergency response when seconds count. Remember to enroll within 30 days of your certification's expiry to ensure continuous validity. Stay prepared, stay certified.



Professionals in healthcare who need to know how to perform CPR and other advanced cardiovascular life support skills in hospitals and pre-hospital settings should take this ACLS online certification American Heart Association course. We recommend this heartcode acls online course to healthcare professionals such as MDs, RNs, Paramedics, EMTs, Dentists, etc. The students, on completion of the ACLS certification course, will receive a course completion card. Students will receive a same-day AHA approved ACLS certification. The ACLS online certification is valid for 2 years.



Use your time efficiency to learn and prepare yourself for the ACLS certification test. The courses can be completed under an hour, certification and recertification in less than an hour.


Upon enrolling in our ACLS certification course, you'll gain immediate access to all essential materials and resources. Navigate the course at your leisure, whenever it suits you. Your learning journey is tailored to your rhythm.


Compared to in-class training courses online certifications are cost-friendly if compared to the transportation, time-saved, and printed materials.

Immediate Feedback

Automated quizzes and tests provide instant feedback, helping students identify areas of strength and improvement. Skill check is quick and easy.

Fast and Convenient

ACLS Certification Online

Nationally Acepted



Take ACLS course

100% online training

Online + Skills



Skills Check

ACLS skills check

100% online

30-60 min sessions


Our AHA ACLS Certification Online Course Covers

The ACLS Online Certification American Heart Association utilizes simulation technology and scenario-based learning that is self-directed on your computer at home. The online ACLS training course covers all of the same material as the traditional classroom-based ACLS class.

This Advanced Cardiac Life Support(ACLS) online training program also includes the complete textbook so there is no need to purchase the book separately.

The Online ACLS Course has 3 parts:

  • Part 1 - A self-paced series of online ACLS training modules (3 to 8 hours based on experience)
  • Part 2 - Skills practice at our facility
  • Part 3 - Skills test at our facility

Benefits of Online Training:

  • Online modules can be completed around your busy schedule
  • Skills testing is quick and easy
  • No textbook is required (reduces cost)
  • You will receive your American Heart Association ACLS card the same day as your skills check.

Voices of satisfaction

They were fun, engaging, and led a really great session Jeff, Lori and Shaniqua all brought in great life experiences and did really with connecting with the class. THE BEST CPR lessons ever that really keeps everyone having fun. Time went by so quickly because we were all having such a great time learning how to save lives. Kudos to the entire team!

Stephaney Wilson

August 2023

David was awesome! Got my certificate the very next day, now I can apply to nursing school! This is vital training at a wonderful cost. I'm definitely recommending my cohort to this place. Thank you guys and I'll be back for my next recert. Great class! I feel confident going forward!

Sam I. Am

August 2023

These gentlemen came to teach us CPR class yesterday at my job site. I've taken CPR before, but the information didn't resonate like it did yesterday. Jeff was a great teacher, and his assistants were awesome as well! They taught in a way that helped me learn and retain the information. Thanks guys I really appreciate and enjoyed this class!

Kimberlee Harwood

July 2023

Got BLS and ACLS done here. Instructors are great. They give you a lot of hands-on practice and have real medications available to get familiar with what you will see in a real-life situation. The class is very chill but thorough. I will definitely be getting all of my renewals done here.

Kerry R

June 2023


1Can I get ACLS certified online?
Yes, you can take the ACLS Certification class online and enroll in an online test. Typically, these courses consist of didactic materials and simulations. Our certificates are recognized nationwide.
2How long is ACLS online portion good for?
The online portion of the ACLS course, upon completion, grants a certification that is valid for 2 years. After which you have to recertify by enrolling in an online ACLS renewal course within 30 days from expiry date.
3Is ACLS harder than BLS?
Yes, Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) is generally considered harder than Basic Life Support (BLS) because it covers more advanced techniques, complex clinical scenarios, and is targeted at healthcare professionals expected to manage cardiopulmonary emergencies. BLS serves as a foundational skill set upon which ACLS builds.
4Is ACLS online hard?
ACLS online can be challenging, especially for non-clinical professionals unfamiliar with medical terms. However, with dedication and proper preparation, many individuals, regardless of their background, can successfully complete it.
5How to pass ACLS easily?
To pass an advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) test you can follow these steps:
  1. Study the material
  2. Take a self-guided course
  3. Regularly review and practice potential patient scenarios
  4. Take online practice tests
  5. Engage in hands-on practice with a CPR manikin and defibrillator
  6. CPR manikin and defibrillator
  7. Join study groups
  8. Stay updated with the most recent guidelines
  9. Study Algorithms
  10. Complete All the ACLS Megacodes
  11. Review Your ECG Rhythms
  12. Stay calm and confident during the test
6How much does the ACLS exam cost?
The online AHA ACLS certification course, including training and a skills test, begins at $300, while the ACLS online test alone costs $169.
7What is the passing score for the ACLS exam?
The ACLS certification course has 50 questions with no time limitation. Attendees must achieve a score of at least 80% to pass the ACLS Certification exam.
8What happens if you fail ACLS?
If you don't pass your advanced cardiovascular life support test on the first try, you can retake the test multiple times without any additional fees.
9What is the most important algorithm in ACLS?
The most important algorithm in ACLS is the Cardiac Arrest Algorithm. It provides guidelines for the immediate response and treatment of patients in cardiac arrest.


Are you thinking about taking an Online ACLS Course? Enroll in our comprehensive, advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) Online Course and preparation training classes to excel in your skills. Don't wait - sign up today and take the first step toward becoming an ACLS expert!

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Dedicated to enhancing the caliber of rescue personnel, we offer comprehensive and accredited training fit for your schedule. We'll provide real-time feedback on your progress, ensuring you are well-prepared and confident to excel in skill and test. An instant certification card is granted upon completing the Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) examination.