Defibtech Lifeline View ECG AED

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Overview of Defibtech Lifeline Reviver AED

You can now buy Defibtech Lifeline Reviver AED from Heart Start CPR. The Defibtech Lifeline View advanced automated external defibrillator (AED) combines ease of use with the power of real-time monitoring. The real-time monitoring, high-resolution visual guidance, and intelligent voice prompts of the Lifeline View ECG AED empower trained professionals and bystanders to deliver life-saving care confidently. 

The Defibtech Lifeline Reviver AED is the result of Defibtech's commitment to excellence and innovation.


Some of the key features of Lifeline View AED are:

  • High-Resolution Touchscreen: The Lifeline View AED has a vibrant color touchscreen that provides clear and step-by-step visual and voice instructions for performing high-quality CPR, rescue breaths, and external defibrillation. The Defibtech View AED also had a built-in metronome which assists in CPR compression rate.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: The Defibtech Reviver View AED offers real-time patient heart rhythm monitoring which allows rescuers to assess the conditions and make informed decisions.
  • Automated Rhythm Analysis: The device automatically analyzes the patient's heart rhythm and provides voice prompts to guide rescuers through resuscitation.
  • Clear View of Electrode Pads: The Reviver View AED features a unique design that allows rescuers to see the electrode pads, ensuring accurate pad placement for effective treatment.
  • CPR Support: With a built-in CPR metronome, the Defibtech Lifeline View ECG AED assists rescuers in maintaining the optimal rhythm and depth for chest compressions, improving the quality of CPR.
  • Lightweight and Portable: The Defibtech Reviver AED is lightweight and compact making it easy to transport. The Defibtech Lifeline View AED is suitable for various environments and is suitable for rapid response to emergencies.
  • Trusted Performance: Defibtech, a renowned leader in AED technology, proudly presents the Lifeline View AED. This cutting-edge device is widely recognized for its exceptional performance, unwavering reliability, and strict adherence to industry standards.
  • Easy to use: The Lifeline View AED is designed to be user-friendly, allowing trained professionals and bystanders to use the device during high-stress situations confidently.

Buy Defibtech Lifeline Reviver AED from Heart Start CPR

Equip with the cutting-edge technology of the Lifeline View AED, featuring an integrated color display and real-time ECG monitoring. Don't wait for a crisis—act now and secure your peace of mind. Buy the Defibtech Lifeline Reviver AED for sale from Heart Start CPR today!

FAQs About Defibtech Lifeline Reviver AED

1How Do I Check the Battery on My Defibtech Lifeline Reviver AED?
The Active Status Indicator (ASI) on the front of the AED will flash green if the battery is good. If the ASI is not flashing green, or if it is flashing red, the battery needs to be replaced.
2How Do You Use Defibtech Lifeline Reviver AED?
The Defibtech Lifeline Reviver AED is a very easy-to-use device. Here are the steps on how to use it: - Turn on the AED by pressing the power button. - Attach the defibrillation pads to the victim's chest. - Follow the voice prompts on the AED. - If the AED advises a shock, press the "Shock" button. - Continue CPR until help arrives.
3How Often Does a Defibrillator Need to Be Serviced?
A Defibrillator should be serviced daily to ensure its readiness, monthly for visual checks, and after each use to replace used components and maintain functionality by a qualified technician. Regular servicing ensures the device is in optimal condition to respond effectively during sudden cardiac arrest emergencies.
4How Many Times Can You Use AED Pads?
AED pads are typically designed for single use only. After use or expiration, they should be replaced immediately to ensure optimal functionality and accurate readings during a sudden cardiac arrest event. A spare set of electrode pads is essential to replace the used ones promptly.
5What Is Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA)?
Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is a sudden, unexpected loss of heart function that causes the heart to stop beating. SCA is a medical emergency and can be fatal if not treated immediately. Immediate intervention through an AED and CPR is vital to increase the chances of survival until professional medical help arrives.
6Can Anyone Buy an AED?
Yes, anyone can buy an AED in the United States. However, getting training on how to use an AED before you purchase one is essential.
7Can a Non-medical Person Make a Mistake Using an AED?
A non-medical person can make a mistake when using an AED. However, the AED will provide voice prompts that guide you through the process. As long as you follow the voice prompts, you will unlikely make a mistake that will harm the victim.
8Why Are Defibtech Lifeline Reviver AEDs Better Than Other AEDs?
Defibtech Lifeline Reviver AEDs are some of the most reliable and easy-to-use AEDs on the market. They have several features that make them ideal for use by non-medical personnel, including: - Voice prompts that guide you through the process - Simple, intuitive design - Long battery life - Durable construction - Warranty and Support
9What Does the American Heart Association (AHA) Say About AEDs?
The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends that all public places have an AED available. The AHA recommends AED programs that include training lay responders and designated personnel to ensure quick access and effective use of AEDs during emergencies.